• Exposition

    • At the beginning, Schuyler and Oliver are just standing around waiting to get into "The Bank" when Schuyler spies Jack Force. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he gets hit by a taxi! But when she looks back he's counting his change as if nothing had ever happened. Later on, in "Route 122" , you learn that Bliss doesn't feel like she fits in with the popular kids at Duchesne Academy and she leaves Mimi to go outside and smoke with Aggie. This is when she meets Dylan. The next day, Schuyler, Oliver, and the rest of Duchesne get called down to the chapel for an announcement. Aggie Carondolet was found dead. They said it was from a drug overdose. Because Mimi's friend was dead her popularity grew. But she's confused. She said 'Nothing can hurt us'. She doesn't think Aggie was dead. Schuyler goes back to class and Jack writes on her paper 'Aggie didn't die of an overdose. Aggie was murdered. Then Bliss and Schuyler get invited to "The Committee". Then you meet Schuyler's grandmother, Cordelia, and her black bloodhound, Beauty, who followed her home one day. After that, Aggie's funeral is held and Mimi notices that half the guests are wearing white. Her father explains this by saying: "Black is the color of night. White is the true color of death." Bliss leaves the funeral because it creeped her out and wound up on a date with Dylan in a museum. But when they kiss in front of an Egyptian exhibit, she was suddenly in Egypt being attacked by scarabs. She later snaps out of it and finishes the date. Schuyler then goes to a check-up with Dr. Pat. She asks her about the blue marks on her arm and Dr. Pat said they were 'normal' and then asked Schuyler if she gets dizzy sometimes or ever forgets where she is or where she's been. Schuyler said yes to both of these but said no when she was asked if she ever got bizarre flashback memories. Dr. Pat was a little confused and she asked if Schuyler was going to the Committee meeting. Schuyler wondered how she knew about the committee. Then Bliss goes to Dr. Pat and she tells Bliss that the scarabs in Egypt thing was normal. At 11:49 PM that night, however, Bliss wakes up starving and ends up devouring raw, bloody hamburger meat. Her step-mom finds her and instead of freaking out she just told Bliss that there was Fillet Mignon in the fridge. Bliss and Schuyler become friends when Bliss starts asking about Dylan. Then Schuyler goes to the Fall "Informals" and they see Bliss and Dylan together. Jack later asks Schuyler to dance and they are suddenly back-in-time dancing in different dresses and to a different song. Schuyler realizes it was a flashback memory and that they had danced in a different time, too. The next day, Schuyler visits her mom in her personal hospital room, (her mom has been in a coma for years) but when she gets there she sees a man crying next to her mother. She believes it's her father. But he's gone when she enters the room. At school, Oliver finds out that Schuyler got into The Committee and gets mad and won't talk to her. Schuyler and Bliss end up going to the Committee meeting and they find out they're vampires. They can retract their fangs and they all have different powers. They also all have a dog that followed them home to protect them.

  • Rising Action

    • When coming back from modeling for a Jeans company with Bliss, Schuyler is attacked. Before she knows it, there are fangs pricking her neck. Suddenly, Beauty comes out of no where and attacks the vampire. Bliss appears and brings Schuyler to her house. When Bliss and Schuyler get to her house they find that Mimi had started Bliss's party without her. Schuyler goes upstairs and finds Jake in a room. He tells her more about Aggie's death. Apparently Aggie had her blood sucked out of her, and she wasn't the first. He tells her about flashbacks he had of the original colony in America, and about a sign that said 'Croatan'. Then he and Schuyler end up kissing, but Mimi sees. Schuyler goes to the Bank to apologize to Oliver and he shows her the Repository and tells her that he is her Conduit. Schuyler tells him about Jack's memory of 'Croatan' and they begin searching. Jack finds out while talking to his father that Schuyler is a 'new life'. She doesn't have any flashback memories because this is the first time she's been born. Vampires can't reproduce among themselves, but Allegra (Schuyler's mom) was married to a red blood. The chances of vampires and humans having a child are not impossible, but it's never happened before. Jack's memory of dancing with Schuyler was actually a memory of dancing with Allegra. He forced that memory on Schuyler, so she was feeling what her mom felt in a previous life. Jack's father advises him not to interact with her anymore. The next few days Jack ignores Schuyler. One day Schuyler comes to school and sees Dylan being hauled away by police. Bliss tells Schuyler it's because they think he killed Aggie. The Committee are the only group who know Aggie was murdered, so they know they're behind this. Later that day, Oliver finds a diary from someone long ago who writes about how 'Croatan' are monsters killing the people off, and that the last person to check out the book was Cordelia Van Alen.

  • Conflict

    • Schuyler asks her grandmother about the diary and finds out that it was written by her grandmother in one of her past lives. She says that 'Croatan' are silver bloods, vampires who hunt other vampires. She also finds out that Cordelia isn't her grandmother, but it was her job to watch over Schuyler and to protect her.

  • Climax

    • Schuyler, Bliss, and Oliver find out where the police are keeping Dylan, but when they get there, he's gone. Then Schuyler is attacked again while walking home. Jack comes to her rescue and fights it. She yells for it to show it's true self in the old-tongue and it shows it's face. It was Charles Force, Jack's father.

  • Falling Action

    • Jack and Schuyler run to the hospital because Schuyler thinks Charles would be in her mother's room, and she was right. Jack calls him a silver blood and Charles shows him a tattoo that says that he is "Michael, the Pure of Heart". He is one of the archangels. The Silver Blood did show it's true face, but only after it shape-shifted into something that would through them off. In another part of town, Bliss is in her room and sees Dylan sitting on her bed. He warns Bliss of a coming danger and she blacks out. When she comes to, she finds Dylan's jacket covered in blood. He little sister says that she heard a thump and a scream, like there was more than two people in Bliss's room. Schuyler gets home as fast as she can, because she feels like something terrible was going to happen. But when she gets home she finds Cordelia in a pool of blue blood. As Cordelia dies she tells Schuyler that she fought the silver blood off, so she will go through the cycle again. She also tells her that she is a new life, because her dad was human. Her mother was Gabrielle (or Gabriel) the other archangel. Cordelia says that there was a prophecy that said "Gabrielle's daughter will bring the Blue Bloods to salvation". She then tells Schuyler to find her husband, Lawrence Winslow Van Alen in Venice. Then Cordelia dies.

  • Resolution

    • The story goes on for 3 more books but the book ends with Schuyler telling Oliver that they are going to go to Venice to find her grandfather.